Dawn, Dusk and twilight are names assigned to different times of the 24 hour cycle….however there is no name assigned to the time 4A.M, which was indeed a time after midnight and before dawn…and as unusual as it seemed…it served as a reminder of a time of preparedness before meeting the dawn of a new day…so be it a technology, a service or a contribution to the environment we strive to give it that extra step by being prepared…

The Company Profile

The Synergy

4am Software represents some of the world’s leading organizations to provide state-of-the-art products, solutions and services in the ANZ region. In addition it’s our quest to support organizations seeking solutions within tight schedules and budgets while being mindful of the environment.

This has been demonstrated by bringing together offerings from organization committed to the providing optimum products, solutions and services in the Engineering &Scientific, Business and Enterprise and Environmental areas.


The Business Mix

The team at 4am Software have been involved in creating the network of gathering the world’s leading software, hardware and consulting companies and bringing them under one common umbrella, so as to provide its customers with the very best.

The management team at 4am Software have been involved in the IT industry for over 2 decades with specialization and vast experience in areas such as Scientific & Engineering, Business and Enterprise, Environmental, Banking and financial software and solutions.

With a collective experience also comes specialization in crisis management, budget regulatory methods, establishment of start up enterprise and front end working with investors across various stock markets and capital clients.

This rich experience has provided the knowledge of driving ROI and profits, not just to 4AM Software but to the clients it services and ones to be serviced in the future.

The Technology

4AM Software, brings together IT solutions and services across various domains however with the common thread – a total solution to an existing problem or requirement. The areas of technology addressed are complete set of tools in the most highly technical and specialized areas.

We address needs in the areas of Aerospace, Automotive, Emerging technologies, Enterprise and business software with a strong focus on Environmental software and technology.

Partnerships with global organizations we have been successful in bringing some of the world leading products and solutions to Australia and NZ. These products and solutions are based on the most recent technology, developed around the latest operating platforms and software licenses.

Our Logo Our Message

Our logo contains four parts with 4 distinct colors. The shape of the logo is that of the boomerang, the color Green represents the environment and is the largest in size, the color red which represents importance and signifies customers and our customers are important to us, yellow is the technology we address, yellow lights signify changing..as technology is under constant change we strive to bring newer and better technologies to our customers.

The principle of the boomerang is when in flight it comes back to the source. This concept is captured in the logo. So we understand that if we make investments in the environment we get back the benefits from that, if we invest in our customers we get back benefits as well as if we invest in changing and newer technology the goodness comes back to us.

The letters 4AM is placed right in the middle of the logo, where we demonstrate we are positioned along with our customers and our partners who provide the technology and at the same time close to the environment in total respect to its ecosystem.